Lotus Healing Arts Center

We are a local healing arts studio located in beautiful downtown McMinnville, Oregon. Our teachers, healers, and coaches are a team of three women strong who offer meditation classes, life coaching, reiki therapy, mediumship, and intuitive movement classes. Every month we offer workshops to empower the community and share wisdom. We offer new and full moon circles every month. By hosting these circles, we hope to give mindful people a place to connect. We also offer tea ceremonies and a couple times each week when we open the studio up for free meditation space. We frequently hold various ceremonies in order to inform, educate, heal, foster unity, and connect with the Earth.

Each of our healers grew up in McMinnville and our calling is to help our community realize its full potential! Shannon Gonzalez is an experienced life coach, medium and energy healer. Her focus is to empower women through her Soul Sessions and connect people with their loved ones through Mediumship sessions. Amelia Arwen Elentári is a certified Usui Reiki Master who advocates using earth materials to increase positive energy, like stones, herbs and woods. She heals with an emphasis on gemstone therapy and aura cleansing. Victoria ward is a meditation, dance and movement instructor who encourages everyone to flow through life intuitively by engaging the body and the mind.

Mission Statement

Our organization focuses on promoting the physical, mental and spiritual health of every individual. We aim to enrich our clients during each class, one-on-one session and healing. Above all, we seek to serve the community that we love.

Weekly Schedule


9am – 10am Guided Meditation

5pm – 6:30pm Intuitive Movement & Blockage Removal Class

7pm – 8pm Guided Meditation


8:15am – 9am Open Meditation

9am – 10am Guided Meditation


8:15am – 9am Open Meditation


9am – 10am Guided Meditation

10am – 11:30am Intuitive Movement & Blockage Removal Class

Workshops & Events

Thursday, Feb. 15th 2pm – 4pm New Moon Circle

Saturday, Feb. 24th 11am – 1pm Healing the Divine Feminine After Sexual Assault