This is our schedule for the month of March. Next month we will be offering a whole new set of events. If you would like to be updated on future classes, workshops and events then you can send an email to to subscribe and be clued in on the details about Lotus Healing Arts Center!

March Weekly Schedule


9:30-10:15am | Creative Movement (ages 5-12)

10:15-11:45am | Intuitive Movement


9-10am | Guided Meditation

3:45-4:30pm | Creative Movement (ages 3-5)

4:30-5:15pm | Creative Movement (ages 5-12)

5:15-6:45pm | Intuitive Movement

7-8pm | Guided Meditation


9-10am | Guided Meditation

10-11:30am | Intuitive Movement

Workshops & Events

Saturday, March 17th from 9am – 2pm | Bloom Workshop

Saturday, March 31st from 1-2pm | Full “Blue” Moon Circle