About Shannon Gonzalez

Shannon Gonzalez is a Spiritual Life Coach, transformational medium and energy healer. She helps women go deep into becoming the best version of themselves and truly step into a life they love living! In her unique holistic approach, she work with her clients on a mind, body and soul level. Shannon assists you in creating a life you love to live and focuses on achieving specific goals to help you make the changes you want to make in your life. She will work side by side with you to motivate and encourage you as you transform your life!

To learn more about Shannon Gonzalez, you can visit her website by clicking here or you can contact her at shannon@lotushealingartscenter.com

Shannon’s Services

Soul Sessions

$155 for 60 Minutes

A soul session is a 60 minute intuitive reading and/or a mediumship session. During this session I offer Spiritual Life Coaching, intuitive channeling messages and/or a mediumship reading.   This session provides a time to ask questions and get the answers that you seek, each session is unique and often provides wisdom, guidance and clarity for you and your life.   It also acts as a great way to help you navigate your way through your life, tough times, and/or loss and pain. If you have any questions about Soul Sessions, then send an email to shannon@lotushealingartscenter.com

Mediumship Reading

$111 for 45 Minutes

Connect with your loved ones through a mediumship reading!   During your 45 minute session, I will connect and communicate with your loved ones, often providing healing and confirmation, clarity and messages and/or signs that they are there.  Every session is unique and beautiful. Have any questions about Mediumship Reading? Send an email to shannon@lotushealingartscenter.com


The Awaken Academy is Shannon’s Signature program that she is currently offering!

The Awaken Academy is a program designed for women who want to create a life that they love.  Women who want guidance, clarity and support as they Awaken their souls, transform their life and build a foundation for a life that they truly love living! The Awaken Academy is a monthly membership group with both individual, group readings & coaching sessions and so much more!  Click here to learn more about the Awaken Academy!

To schedule a 15-minute complimentary call to connect with Shannon and see how her services can best serve you then click here. Customized packages are available for personal and business development and for intuitive readings.