Vision Quest Guided Meditation

Every Tuesday from 7-8pm @ Lotus Healing Arts Center
Class Taught by Amelia Arwen Elentári

Are you feeling disconnected &
disenchanted with the world?
Do you suffer from fear, stress and anxiety?

Vision Quest Guided Meditation can help!

Vision Quest Guided Meditation

Discover the universe within you at Vision Quest Guided Meditation Class only offered at Lotus Healing Arts Center. Vision Quest is designed to help you overcome your struggles, surpass fears and discover your truest self! Vision Quest is scheduled every Tuesday from 7 – 8pm. This class offers a series of meditations to achieve a dream-like state of peacefulness. In this state, you can free yourself from the limitations of the mind and of the ego. By doing this, you can easily discover out-of-the-box solutions to life’s problems, heal from past traumas and painful experiences, and learn how to use your imagination to radically improve every aspect of life! Vision Quest is open to everyone for a $10 drop in fee. Packages are available and listed below. Complimentary tea provided. Any questions about this class can be directed to:

Vision Quest Package | $30

When you purchase a Vision Quest Package, you can get 1 free class with a purchase of 3 Vision Quest classes. That’s a whole month of classes for just $30! This package is a great for yourself or as a gift. For more information or to purchase this package, send an email to